The High Potential Individual visa is a new route which became available from the 30th May 2022. It allows people to live and work in the UK without needing an employer to sponsor them.


It is however restricted to people who have graduated from certain named universities in the past five years.

There are different lists of qualifying universities  depending on the applicant's  year of graduation. This list reflects the changes in global rankings from year to year.

This visa is designed for recent graduates of top universities who want to work or look for work in the UK. 

The potential applicant will need to be awarded 70 points in order to qualify under this route:

  • For the Global University List degree Requirement    50 points

  • English Language Requirement                                  10 points

  • Financial Requirement                                                 10 points

The grant of leave will be based on the qualification the applicant relies on:

  • 3 years for PhD or other doctoral level qualification

  • 2 years for all other degree qualifications

Dependents can also apply to join the main applicant. 

Although this applicantion does not led to settlement, at the end of the visa grant, the applicant can switch to another visa route. 

If you completed a eligible UK degree you can apply for the Graduate Visa. 

If you need more information about these routes or your visa applications, book a video appointment with a specialist or contact us for further advice.