British Citizenship & Nationality

If you are settled  (have Indefinite Leave to Remain – ILR or, in the case of European (EU) nationals, permanent residence) in the UK then you can stay here without any time limit, whatever your nationality. You do not have to become a British Citizen. However, this is something many people who have made the UK their permanent home do wish to consider.


There are now three main ways to become a British Citizen:


1. By Birth 

2. By Registration

3. By Naturalisation


In addition, there are circumstances in which a person who was not born in the UK or was not born a British Citizen can automatically become one. 


British nationality law is one of the most complicated in the world, in part because of Britain’s history and historical relationship with other countries in the world. In some cases, it will be necessary to go back several generations to identify whether you are a British Citizen or are entitled to British Citizenship.

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